GTA V Source Code Leaked To Web Arena

 A year after being hacked by the Lapsus$ group, the Grand Theft Auto VI source code has been leaked onto the web arena. Discord channels, Telegram and the dark web have been used to spread content stolen from Rockstar. Last year after Rockstar was hacked by Arion Kurtaj, only part of the source code was revealed.

According to the person who shared the source code, the action was taken in recognition of the efforts of Arion Kurtaj, who was sentenced to life in a psychiatric hospital last week after being found guilty of hacking Rockstar. More than 90 Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6) videos were exposed earlier as a result of his attack.

What makes this Rockstar hacking incident interesting is that it was carried out using only a TV, an Amazon Firestick and a smartphone by Kurtaj who was then arrested by the police in a hotel after hacking NVIDIA.

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