Lenovo ThinkBook 14+ Expected To Come With AMD And Intel CPU Offers And Also OCulink Connectivity

 Lenovo is expected to show a number of new laptops at the CES 2024 event that will take place in Las Vegas in early January 2024. One of the laptops that seems to be in the limelight is the Lenovo ThinkBook 14+ which was leaked on social media platform Weibo recently.

Lenovo ThinkBook 14+ is expected to be a productivity-class laptop that will be powered by the latest CPU options from AMD and also Intel. Its uniqueness is reported to be present in a new plug that will be used, which is called OCulink or Optical-Copper Link.

This OCulink plug is simply a new plug that is said to be an alternative to the use of Thunderbolt plugs on computer devices. It uses PCIe lanes to connect external accessories to the computer, and can be utilized in a large number of ways.

The OCulink plug was previously used on some compact gaming devices made in China, and was used to allow users to connect external graphics cards to these gaming devices.

The advantage of this OCulink plug when used with accessories such as external graphics cards is that it exhibits a lower amount of time delay compared to Thunderbolt which has to communicate with the CPU component. In the meantime, it can also be used in various types of configurations, whether for laptops or desktops, depending on the OCulink module used.

This is also useful for this laptop which will come with a choice of AMD as well as Intel CPUs, which means that it can be taken advantage of regardless of your CPU configuration. For now, not many details are known about this Lenovo ThinkBook 14+ laptop, but we expect that Lenovo will show more details at the CES 2024 event later.

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