Midjourney A Web Version Is In Testing And A Smartphone App Is In Development

 Midjourney is one of the most popular image generating generative artificial intelligence (AI) of the moment. Its ability to generate realistic images caused the developer to limit the use to paid only to avoid confusion. It is also more difficult to use because it is only accessible through Discord.

The web version of Midjourney is currently undergoing testing in the Alpha stage. Users who have generated over 10,000 images can access the web version directly over the past two weeks. On the web version generating images is more similar to DALL.E and Bing Image Creator because only proms need to be entered without complex instructions.

There are settings for image size, screen ratio, the strength of the style you want to use and much more that should be included in a long prom. The web version tries to simplify the image generation process for users.

Smartphone applications for Android and iOS are also currently being developed that can receive voice commands like the ChatGPT application. The web version of Midjourney as well as the smartphone app are expected to be launched for all in 2024.

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