Mini Beeper Works Again But Requires Apple ID


Beeper Mini has just now returned to operation after being disrupted for the past three days. because Apple detects the use of false identities. The app now requires users to log in using a personal Apple ID.

Beeper Mini has also now been changed to a free service instead of a RM9.99 per month subscription. Free 7-day subscriptions that have been made will however not be terminated and users will be charged monthly if not turned off by themselves.

With Beeper Mini, Beeper founders Eric Migicovsky and Brad Murray say their service is much more secure than Android and iPhone sending SMS to each other. It is also alleged to corrupt group chats, for example a group of 10 people and one Android user – all messages in this group are not encrypted.

They are also free to provide their development code to Apple with the consent of the security firm. Besides also wanting to make every message sent by Beeper Mini have an emoji 📟 as an indication for iPhone users.

So far Beeper Mini has been the fastest to restore their app compared to Nothing Chats which has been silent for weeks due to a serious security vulnerability. I was able to try this new update; Beeper Mini operates well, smoothly and fast compared to Beeper Cloud (original Beeper), Sunbird or Nothing Chats.

FYI, this temporary method uses the user's Apple ID account that will be connected to the Mac server. If you are interested, press the link below to try.

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