Minister : Telecommunications Companies Encouraged to Invest in Satellite Technology to Devices by 2025

 In an effort to ensure that the entire country has comprehensive 4G access, now the Minister of Communications and Digital, Fahmi Fadzil hopes that telecommunications companies explore the use of satellite technology for devices. Today, around 2.7% are still not covered by 4G access due to various constraints, and with the use of satellite technology, it is expected to be overcome.

The minister hopes that such technology can be used by 2025. With this measure, telecommunications companies can ensure that users receive coverage even if they are anywhere in the country.

The minister shared this, and also stated that the use of direct coverage from satellites is one of the KKD's focus moving forward.

This partnership comes in parallel with the movement of the telecommunications industry in that direction. Several device manufacturers have begun to integrate satellite communication support for emergencies today. In addition, Starlink itself has previously stated that it will offer messaging support in 2024, and voice and data call support via satellite by 2025 - one of the timelines that is also seen to be targeted by the government.

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