MyDigital ID Registration Will Open To The Public In March 2024

 MOSTI (Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation) has now announced that general registration for My Digital ID will start in March 2024. For now, although everyone can register, government employees are prioritized first.

MyDigital ID is a step in simplifying the registration and use of identity on various government digital platforms – and is expected to be extended to other private applications as well. This is also expected to further simplify the identity verification process that currently relies on overseas third-party providers by various applications, including banking applications and digital wallets.

With the government now focusing on digitization efforts, the MyDigital ID move will facilitate the standardization of identity usage across various services.

MIMOS also emphasizes that MyDigital ID is already internationally recognized, with EAL3+ certification. In addition, it also binds cryptographically to ensure security.

At the same time, it was also emphasized that MyDigital ID will not store any biometric data, in addition to not collecting or storing the user's personal database. Roughly speaking, it works as a token that verifies the user's identity only.

MIMOS is expected to share more about the location of the registration kiosk for MyDigital ID by March 2024.

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