PIP Mode On Google Chrome Android Is No Longer Limited To Videos


The popular web browser application Google Chrome now supports picture-in-picture (PIP) mode that allows videos to be minimized in a floating window so that users can still browse the web while the video plays simultaneously.

Recently, Chrome is seen to have developed this PIP feature for all websites and is not limited to watching videos only. However, this feature can only be used if the Chrome web browser is set as the default application and the link is opened through an application that offers a web browser from within the application such as X (Twitter) or Telegram.

Strangely enough, although this feature has been given to all stable users it is not enabled by default and is hidden in the flags setting on Chrome. To use this feature, open Chrome app on Android device, open chrome://flags, find cct-minimized and turn it on, relaunch Chrome then enjoy this multi-tasking feature.

This feature also does not display the content of the website in a floating window but only the URL address and title of the content. It can be said that it is like a tab on Chrome that just floats.

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