Supercomputer With Human Brain-Like Capabilities Built In Australia

 The next development in computer design is the design of the chip architecture as if it were a human brain. This neuromorphic chip that resembles the human brain has been developed by Samsung, Intel and IBM. Last week the DeepSouth supercomputer was announced by Western Sydney University and it is the first with processing capabilities at the scale of a real human brain.

It can perform 228 trillion synaptic operations per second like the neurons of the human brain. The human brain can perform 1 Exaflop processing per second using only 20W of power. This is significantly lower power consumption than Frontier supercomputers equipped with over thousands of CPUs and tens of thousands of GPUs.

DeepSouth's neuromorphic computer was built specifically to find ways to reduce power consumption on future supercomputers. It can also be used as a human brain simulator to train artificial intelligence (AI). Western Sydney University is working with Intel and Dell to build DeepSouth which will be operational in April 2024.

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