Tales Of Arise: Beyond The Dawn - Is This RM139 DLC Worth It?


Tales of Arise, the captivating action RPG that has taken the gaming world by storm, continues to enthrall fans with its immersive world and compelling characters. Now, the much-anticipated DLC, "Beyond The Dawn," has been released, promising new adventures and content to enhance the gaming experience. But the burning question on every player's mind is, "Is this RM139 DLC worth the investment?" Let's delve into the details to uncover the mysteries and merits of Tales of Arise: Beyond The Dawn.

The Story Continues:

One of the most enticing aspects of Beyond The Dawn is the extension of the game's captivating narrative. As players venture further into the world of Dahna and Rena, new plotlines unfold, offering deeper insights into the characters and the lore that surrounds them. If you've been yearning for more Tales of Arise storytelling, this DLC promises to deliver an engaging and satisfying continuation.

Unraveling the Mysteries:

Beyond The Dawn introduces a host of new challenges and mysteries for players to unravel. From enigmatic dungeons to formidable foes, the expansion brings fresh content to the table, ensuring that even seasoned players will find themselves faced with new and exciting obstacles. The thrill of exploration and discovery is a key element in the Tales of Arise experience, and this DLC amplifies that aspect.

Enhanced Gameplay:

In addition to an extended storyline, Beyond The Dawn introduces new gameplay elements that spice up the combat and exploration mechanics. From unique weapons and abilities to challenging boss battles, players can expect a heightened level of excitement that adds a refreshing layer to the overall gaming experience. If you've been craving more dynamic and diverse gameplay, this DLC might just be the answer.

Aesthetic Delights:

Beyond The Dawn doesn't just expand the narrative and gameplay; it also brings a visual feast to fans of Tales of Arise. With new locations, character designs, and stunning landscapes, the DLC showcases the beauty of the game's artistry. If you've been enamored with the aesthetics of Tales of Arise, the additional visual delights in this expansion are likely to leave you breathless.


The decision to invest in Tales of Arise: Beyond The Dawn ultimately depends on your love for the base game and your hunger for more of its world. If you found yourself deeply engrossed in the original storyline and are eager to explore further, this DLC is a promising addition to your gaming collection. The enhanced gameplay, intriguing mysteries, and breathtaking aesthetics make the RM139 price tag a potentially worthwhile investment for true Tales of Arise enthusiasts. So, gear up for a new adventure and dive into Beyond The Dawn to discover what lies on the horizon of this captivating RPG.

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