TMT Megastore at IOI City Mall Offers Up to 90% Discount Promotion in conjunction with the Year End Roadshow

 At the end of the year, the norm for promotional offers from various brands has become an expected habit every year. In conjunction with year-end promotions, many people rush to get their dream device at a more affordable price. Usually, well-known brands will have exclusive offers, big discounts or special packages.

The same goes for Thunder Match Technology (TMT), which does not miss out on offering various attractive offers in conjunction with the Year End Roadshow from December 13 to 17. Various selected devices will be given discounts such as laptops, smartphones, smartphone accessories and so on. If not sure what device you should get, here are some suggestions.

1. Discounts On Devices That Can Increase Your Productivity

If you're looking for a laptop to carry out digital work, one option you can consider is the Honor MagicBook 14 which is now offered at a discounted price of RM2,500. This price reduction simultaneously makes the price of this laptop from RM5,099 to only RM2,599. In addition, there is also the Huawei MateBook 14s which also gets a price cut of RM2,400, making the price only RM2,599 compared to RM4,999. If you have more budget, you can consider Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio with a price of RM4,199 compared to the original price of RM8,599.

For those of you who like to do multi-tasking work, you can consider the MSI Gaming Monitor Optix offered at a promotional price of RM699 compared to RM999. This can open up opportunities for those of you who want to have a quality gaming monitor. In addition, if you need a printer, the Canon Pixma MG2570s also offers a discount of RM110. The promotional price offered is now only RM99 compared to the original price of RM208. But, this promotional price is only available if you buy it at the TMT Year End Roadshow.

2. Branded Smartphones Also Get Promotional Offers

If you have been wanting a device from Samsung for a long time, you can consider the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 which is offered at a price of RM1900 compared to the original price of RM4,099. Other Samsung smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 also received a price cut of RM3599. With the price cut at this TMT Year End Roadshow, the price of the device becomes RM3200 from the original price of RM6799.

For fans of Apple products, you can get the iPhone 12 64GB at a price of RM900 which is much cheaper than the original price of RM3899. Through this roadshow, ASUS ROG Phone 6 is also offered at a price of RM1600. The Vivo V25 Pro 5G smartphone received a price cut of RM1299, making it only RM1200. This offer is not limited to these devices only, but there are many more smartphones such as Xiaomi, Honor, Huawei, OPPO, and others. So, if you want to replace your old smartphone, now is the time.

3. Promotion For Other Electronic Devices Through Roadshows

After buying a device, you must want to get the right device accessories to complement it. Therefore, you can get different types of charging wires from brands like Innergie, Belkin, Verbatim, and several other brands. Accessories from this brand are designed to support your device, making it more capable in daily use. Various types of charging wires are offered with prices starting from RM3 to RM279. With these various prices, you can choose the accessories that best suit your budget and the brand you want.

In addition, if you are a person who likes to listen to songs, you can get audio products from Sony, Harman Kardon, Marshall, and several other brands. Audio products from this brand consist of wireless earphones, wireless headphones and speakers offered at prices starting from RM19 to RM949. There are also smart devices designed to increase comfort and productivity in your home. Among the smart devices offered for promotion during the TMT Roadshow are mini vacuums, LED lights, air purifiers and more.

4. Payment in Installments For the Purchase of Selected Devices

Through this roadshow, you also have the opportunity to make payments in installments for 12 months for the purchase of selected devices. This means you can choose to pay your purchase amount in stages over a 12-month period. For example, you want to get an MSI Gaming Monitor Optix at a promotional price of RM699 through this roadshow. So, you can pay in stages over 12 months until the purchase amount is enough. This can give you financial convenience without having to pay the full amount at once. Therefore, this offer gives you the opportunity to own a device offered by the promotion according to your budget.


In conclusion, this roadshow is a golden opportunity for you to get your dream device at a reasonable price because great deals like this are rare. Therefore, now is the time to get the devices you have been looking for for a long time such as laptops, smartphones, and other electronic devices. It should be noted that all products offered for this promotion are offered while stocks last. So if you are interested, you can visit the Year End Roadshow at TMT Megastore (IOI City Mall). This roadshow will last for 5 days, starting from December 13 to December 17. For more information you can follow TMT official Facebook.

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