UK Considers Banning Social Media For Users Under 16

Some recent studies from Oxford found that social media and the internet do not have any negative impact on its users. But the idea that social media is dangerous is still widely believed. The UK government is currently in the process of considering limiting social media to users under 16 including banning it outright according to a Bloomberg report.

The UK government will begin the process of gathering feedback next January from various parties. The collection of this information was done after the UK passed the Online Safety Act (Online Safety Act) which increases the responsibility on companies that offer services to underage users.

In addition to banning use, giving parents or guardians the ability to control social media belonging to users under the age of 16 is also being considered. Feedback collection is still in its early stages at this point and it may not continue.

A few years ago, China issued a platform directive to limit children's game time to prevent addiction, which received negative reactions from Western countries who said it was too much control. The irony is that now the western countries are also starting efforts to do the same control.

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