Users In Malaysia Can Now Access Grok AI Through Platform X


Elon Musk is ready to establish a company specifically focused on the development of artificial intelligence, called xAI. The first product under it is Grok - which works in the form of a chatbot more or less the same as ChatGPT. However, one of the advantages is access to data and real-time info, the result of data integration platform X (or Twitter).

Grok was previously introduced in a limited manner to users in the United States only. And now, Malaysian users can finally use this Grok service.

To access it, you need to subscribe to X Premium+ which costs RM70 per month, and then you can access this Grok bot through the web or mobile application.

With this offer, will you subscribe to X Premium+ to use Grok? Or would you be more comfortable with ChatGPT Plus at a price of around RM94, or Google Bard which is offered for free?

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