WhatsApp Status Can Later Be Directly Shared To Instagram

 There are a few of our users today who use WhatsApp Status as a medium to express their feelings whether happy, sad or even angry. The function has also been improved over time to be more interactive.

The latest of any WhatsApp Status can be directly shared to Instagram automatically. This addition complements the existing Facebook sharing capabilities. At the same time, it can also be a way to reach a larger audience.

The shared screenshot shows that this function will appear once the status is uploaded. It can be clearly seen that the Instagram icon is in the middle between the Facebook and share icons. In addition, users are also given the option to turn off the function through the application settings.

However, it is still in the development stage where it is not yet clear about the official launch to the public. What is certain is that it will definitely receive improvements before being launched in the full version later.

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