Windows 11 – Your Ticket to a Worry-Free Vacation

 If you think back to the past, you must be able to imagine how crisp the process of booking flight tickets for our vacations. But now technology is getting more sophisticated, everything is at your fingertips. While sipping teh tarik at the stall, you can already plan your entire vacation using only a device that supports Windows 11.

From the process of booking flight tickets to navigating the places of interest you want to visit during your vacation, everything has become easy with the help of generative AI technology. So, get ready everyone, because this time we will start the journey of this article with how the advanced technology brought by AI can simplify your daily affairs, where all the complications will be solved through the help of Windows 11 support.

Creativity at Your Fingertips – Edit Photos and Videos Directly in Windows 11

When we go on vacation with our family, we will definitely record and take pictures of beautiful moments to make memories and keep everything for memory. However, sometimes you will definitely experience a situation where you want to find an image file, but cannot find it. Don't worry because through Windows 11 with AI integration, you can find anything you want in Photos by just entering keywords, like using everyday language to search.

For example, you enter a keyword like "beach' or "picnic" and then you just have to let the AI on Windows 11 do its job to easily find pictures that match what you want. With this, it makes your usage experience better because you don't have to bother scrolling all the way down to find the desired image. Not only that, you can also directly edit the picture as you want directly in the Photos application. With all the editing tools you need in one app, now you can share your edited vacation memories to social media without worrying about further editing!

What if you want to edit a family vacation video? With Windows 11, it also comes with the Clipchamp application. It is a video editing application that is easy to use by both amateurs and professionals. Through it, you can choose whether you want to edit the video from scratch or use AI. However, if you want a shortcut, just choose the edit using AI option because it was created to simplify the process and save time.

Through this Clipchamp you can use the Auto Compose feature to edit videos quickly in just four steps. You just need to choose the desired picture or video and then match it with the video style, theme song, video size and duration that are suitable for your video theme. To make it more interesting, you can also add filters, transitions, or add text elements to your video. With this, it proves that Auto Compose on Clipchamp will make video editing easier because there is no need to edit it from scratch and this means you can edit your video at your fingertips.

We're sure you've heard of the Paint application on Windows, right? Paint on Windows 11 is not like the old Paint application. If you have never used it before, this is a very good time for you to show off your creativity through this application because Paint now comes with many new features and is ready to use. For example, Paint now comes with the Remove Background function where you can remove the background you don't want and replace it with a suitable background. This feature is perfect if you want to remove unwanted background like people passing by or junk that suddenly appears in the picture while on vacation.

Paint also comes with the basic features of every photo editing software, namely Layers and Transparency where you can change the order of layers without disturbing the original layer of the image. Interestingly, Paint also comes with a Cocreator feature where you can create a background according to your creativity with the help of AI. You just need to write some desired commands or requests, then Cocreator will generate them. With this, you can go on vacation with peace of mind knowing that this app is already available on Windows 11 for your creative image editing.

The Microsoft 365 Ecosystem As A Rescuer For A Peaceful Vacation

It doesn't stop there, Microsoft 365 can also guarantee your daily productivity even while on vacation. Not only limited to Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook, you can also access various files wherever you are via OneDrive and meet with colleagues anywhere at any time using Teams without having to enter the office. A calendar is also available for you to make appointments. This can indirectly make your usage experience more productive, saving time as well as simplifying your work in every corner. Not only can you do work through it, but you can also share photos, videos, and files, and it also guarantees the security of well-stored files and more privacy given to users. Simply put, with Microsoft 365, you can take a vacation without compromising your work performance.

Features Recommendations And Voice Typing That Simplify The Work Process

In a situation that requires us to work while on vacation, sometimes it will take a little time or a little rush to complete the task because we want to pursue the vacation plan that we have planned. But with Windows 11, this Recommendations And Voice Typing feature will be useful for you. Recommendations will help to give recommendations if you easily and it can be accessed on the Start Menu section. Through it, you can directly access the file you want to find and it can automatically save time from searching for the saved file. It's vacation time, you can also use this feature to get recommendations on where you should eat for the day. With this, it can guarantee better productivity and make the work process more efficient and orderly.

In order to ensure a better experience when using Windows 11, you can simply use your voice to log in, launch applications or do work through the Voice Typing feature. This can indirectly help you to type without having to put your fingers on the keyboard. Not only that, through Voice Typing as well, you can make notes without having to type while doing other tasks, such as cooking and so on. As the saying goes, while diving, drink water.


In conclusion, it is clear that Windows 11 has offered a variety of interesting features that can not only help you to do work, but also very functional to highlight creativity and help manage daily life. In this year-end situation, it helps to make work management more organized while spending our annual leave. Through Windows 11, you can also edit videos and photos with Clipchamp and Photos, highlight creativity with the Paint application, and also increase the rate of productivity in addition to making your work more efficient through Microsoft 365.

In simple words, Windows 11 can be used as an assistant during your vacation, starting from booking flight tickets, simplifying your daily tasks, and giving suggestions for daily decisions, up to the highlight of creativity in photo and video editing to save as a vacation memory. So, what are you waiting for? Spend your annual leave now and let Windows 11 do its job. This is because sometimes, a fun vacation is an easy vacation, and it's only determined by the tips of your fingers. Happy Holidays!

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