Wise Review – My Financial Companion When Abroad

 Wise is a digital financial service that allows you to store foreign currencies digitally in an application, and you can use them abroad without any problems.

When I heard about Wise a few years ago, I subscribed to it because I was confused about how to use it. When I found out that I could keep different types of currencies in one place and spend them without having to worry about currency exchange rates.

In fact, you can exchange multiple currencies at once, and the Wise debit card will automatically convert currencies when you spend money in different countries. So far, Wise seems to support more than 40 different currencies, and all these currencies can be stored and used without any problems.

In fact, registering for Wise is not that difficult either. After registering your personal information, you only need to pay RM50 for Wise to send your debit card to your home. After that, you can activate this debit card using your app, and it's ready to use after that.

I recently went to Dubai for a client event, and I had the opportunity to exchange around RM200 (~157 AED) as my spending money in the country. Dubai is a relatively modern country, so the use of debit and credit cards is seen as quite widespread in the country.

No matter at restaurants, grocery stores or shopping malls, I have never faced any issues in using my Wise card to make any payment at these locations.

In fact, there are several locations in Dubai where their vending machines come with support for both debit and credit cards, and I was able to use my Wise card to purchase drinks at these machines without a problem.

Like many banking apps these days, the Wise app will also track your every spend, making sure you know how much money you have left in your Wise account as well as the things you buy.

In the meantime, you can also easily send money to other Wise users through their phone number linked to Wise account, and the money will be sent in an instant.

The Wise Card is my constant companion when I go abroad now because it means that I no longer have to rush to exchange cash into foreign currencies and find different currency exchange locations.

In fact, if you are an Apple device user, you can also link your Wise card to Apple Pay, and you can make payments using your iPhone or Apple Watch device without having to take out your wallet and debit card. It can also be linked to Google Wallet if you use an Android device.

With Wise, they have their own currency exchange rates and they may not be the cheapest, but they are still very good value and user friendly. In fact, even if you are abroad, you can still add money to your digital wallet by transferring money from your bank account to Wise through an internet connection only.

This facility allows you to add emergency money easily, without having to worry about whether the money exchange shop accepts your currency or not. After returning home, you can exchange the currency of the country you visited back to Malaysian Ringgit quickly and easily.

If you are someone who likes to travel abroad, but don't want to be burdened with a lot of cash that is difficult to store and carry around, our recommendation is to try Wise today.

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