With Titan, Amazon Also Offers AI Models Generate Images Using Text

 After Microsoft, Google, and OpenAI came up with generative AI services for image generation, Amazon also announced Titan Image Generator as a model for developers to develop their own image generator services. What is interesting with Amazon's iteration is that their technology includes a hidden watermark as a digital verification of the image generated by AI.

Titan Image Generator has capabilities such as DALL-E, Midjourney and Stability AI where in addition to generating images with prom, individual images can also be uploaded for editing and generating new images. It has a limit of 77 tokens in English only while the image size limit that can be uploaded is 25M. Amazon says they used 25 years of experience in AI and machine learning (ML) to produce this model.

The hidden watermark developed by Amazon is a joint commitment of the United States government to ensure that images generated with their generative AI technology are not spread as fake news.

Titan Image Generator can now be tested by Amazon Bedrock customers who also offer access to other models such as Llama, Claude, and Stable Diffusion. Customers can use it to generate images for work documents or produce graphics for advertising purposes.

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