Xiaomi Schedules EV Technology Introduction This Week

 Xiaomi is a familiar name in offering smartphones and other accessories such as smart bracelets and smart home products. Previously, Xiaomi also announced the establishment of a special division for the development of smart electric cars, which are expected to be on the market as early as 2024.

Most recently, the CEO of Xiaomi announced that they will officially share the launch of electric car technology under Xiaomi this week, on December 28.

We will most likely hear about the various technological integrations and artificial intelligence that Xiaomi will include in their upcoming electric vehicles. Before this, some pictures have been leaked showing the initial design of the vehicle.

By entering the electric car market, Xiaomi will compete not only with Tesla, but also with several other local brands in China, including BYD.

Let's all look forward to this Thursday to find out more about the vehicle offering by Xiaomi later.

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