XNote is a Physical Notebook Powered by ChatGPT


Most generative AI services are digital products that can be accessed through websites, special applications or even built into other applications. Physical products with AI are still quite limited with the Humane AI Pin gaining attention. Most recently, on the Kickstarter crowdfunding site there is a physical notebook that is said to be powered by ChatGPT.

This book is XNote. It is offered in a bundle where a book is provided along with a smart pen and also an app. Every note or sketch written/drawn in this notebook will be synchronized in real time directly into the application. More interestingly, with built-in ChatGPT users can use the built-in virtual assistant to ask questions or instruct it to generate new content based on each existing note or drawing.

For example, notes taken during a meeting can be turned into a chart. Sentences copied from the blackboard in class can be formulated or made into quizzes for review. XNote also supports up to 53 languages including Malay to translate text in the notebook. XNote is supported on web, Android and even iOS.

For now the XNote is only limited to purchase through Kickstarter at a price of $249 (~RM1,159) with the earliest contributors being able to purchase it for around RM973. Since XNote is another generative AI service, using their free ChatGPT feature has limited functionality but there is a $9 (~RM42) monthly subscription to access all features and functionality.

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