AI Expected to Take Over Basic Marketing Tasks Like SEO, Web Optimization, and More by 2027

 Generative artificial intelligence is ready to help in various tasks today. According to research and forecasts by IDC, the use of generative artificial intelligence or called GenAI is expected to be more widespread in the coming years, at the same time being able to perform a number of basic tasks.

According to the partnership, by 2027, GenAI is expected to help a total of 30% of basic marketing tasks – including involving SEO, content optimization, website optimization, customer data analysis, and a number of other features.

Also by 2028, it is expected that various processes of customer purchase analysis can be done automatically by artificial intelligence.

Consumers themselves are expected to use artificial intelligence in discovering, evaluating and purchasing products and services by 2026.

The presence of GenAI itself is ready to lead to major changes in content production since the beginning of 2023. With the presence of GPT Store and so on soon, it is expected to facilitate a number of other tasks, while consuming basic tasks for several industries.

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