Apple iPhone Holds 71% of the Global Premium Device Market

 The selling price of premium class devices over the past five years has made them increasingly difficult for most people to afford. Many are willing to wait after a year just to buy last year's flagship device at a more affordable price. According to Counterpoint, by 2023 the Apple iPhone will hold 71% of the premium smartphone market.

Samsung is in second place with 17% followed by Huawei (5%), Xiaomi (2%), Oppo (1%) and other manufacturers (4%). Although Apple is far ahead, the iPhone's share has actually shrunk from 75%. Overall the premium device segment is a device that sells for more than $600 apiece. Compared to last year, this market grew by 6% with more than a third of them being devices priced over $1000.

Still available for premium devices even though the world economy is still far from fully recovered from the pandemic. As we reported yesterday, the production of foldable devices also increased last year with over 16 million units sold.

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