Apple Vision Pro Will Be On Sale Starting February 2nd


Apple's Vision Pro mixed reality headset will go on sale next February 2. The Vision Pro sales day announcement was made by Tim Cook through his official social media channels just now. Vision Pro was announced last June with it being Apple's first mixed reality headset.

It has the uniqueness where there is not only a screen inside but also on the inside which allows the user to interact with the people around him without having to open the Vision Pro first. From day one, several iOS and iPadOS applications are confirmed to be usable on Vision Pro that uses visionOS.

For Mac owners, it can be used as a secondary screen that floats in virtual space when in use. For iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max owners, spatial 3D video recordings can only be viewed again using Vision Pro.

Previously, Apple said the selling price of Vision Pro will reach RM16,000 per pair. Before it can be purchased, people need to go to an Apple Store to get the exact measurements and prescription lenses needed if they wear glasses. For the first wave, the Apple Vision Pro will only be sold in the United States.

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