Apple Watch Will Be Updated To Allow Sales In America


A few days ago the sale of Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Apple Watch Series 9 was banned in the United States by the ITC after Apple was found guilty of infringing Masimo Corp.'s oximeter patent. Apple immediately filed an appeal allowing both models to be resold yesterday. But this is just a temporary measure.

In order to prevent the ban from happening again if the appeal is rejected, Apple will provide a watchOS update that will prevent the patent client from continuing. The appeal period only allows sales to be made for up to three weeks, so it is believed that an update will be given around January 12 when this period ends.

The appeal process at the ITC typically takes up to 1.5 years which could cost Apple because their two latest smartwatch models cannot be sold. More worrying if the ban is then applied to Series X and Ultra 2 as well.

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