Asus ROG Phone 8 Will Be Introduced On January 8, 2024


Asus today confirmed the first (mobile gaming) focused phone that will be introduced in early January, which is January 8, 2024. Through the shared video, it also shows a bezel-less front screen design - slightly different from the previous ROG Phone.

Asus is seen to introduce this ROG Phone 8 smartphone, in parallel with the CES 2024 event, along with some of their other products.

Asus ROG Phone 8 will not only include a bezel-less screen design, but also with a brightness rate of up to 2500-nits. At the same time, Asus is also seen to include a new camera system on the ROG Phone 8 with a tri-lens on the back.

With this new development, let's all look forward to the coming days to see various new things that will be included through this Asus ROG Phone 8, before its official launch in early January 2024.

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