CelcomDigi And Yinson GreenTech Work Together To Facilitate Electric Vehicle Ownership

 CelcomDigi, one of the largest telecommunication companies in Malaysia together with Yinson GreenTech, a local green technology company has announced a collaboration that will make it easier for CelcomDigi customers to own an e-motorcycle through a CelcomDigi postpaid subscription.

With this collaboration, CelcomDigi postpaid customers who subscribe to plans worth RM70 and above can rent-own RydeEV e-motorcycles with the Easy360 installment plan. After subscribing to this installment plan, CelcomDigi postpaid customers only need to pay an installment payment of RM299 for the RydeEV Ryder motorcycle model or RM430 for the Hyper model.

The payment period for both e-motorcycle models is for 36 months or three years. After that period, customers will only need to pay RM1 for one time, and then subscribe to RydeEV's battery exchange service which costs RM199 for as long as they own the e-motorcycle.

In the meantime, customers eligible for the government's rebate scheme, namely the Electric Motorcycle Use Promotion Scheme (MARiiCas) are also eligible to enjoy a RM2,400 rebate for their e-motorcycle purchase,

in the form of a monthly rebate of RM200 for a period of 12 months. Eligible customers can check the eligibility of the scheme on the MARiiCas website.

RydeEV uses Oyika exchangeable batteries, and for those interested in owning a RydeEV e-motorcycle, you can download the Oyika application to see for yourself the locations where you can exchange batteries in the Kelang Valley and also around Johor Bahru. Owners of this e-motorcycle also have an unlimited number of exchanges, so you can change the battery of this e-motorcycle as often as you want.

For more information on offers and registration locations, visit the CelcomDigi-RydeEV website.

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