Chatbot OpenAI GPT Store Now Open


OpenAI has today opened their chatbot store GPT Store to the public. In this store all chatbots are built by OpenAI friends or the community. Among those offered are chatbots based on GPT and those based on DALL.E.

According to OpenAI, each chatbot in the GPT Store offers different capabilities such as generating images, for research, for programming, education, lifestyle and more. The number of GPTs that have been developed since the GPT Store was announced is said to have reached over 3 million.

Like the App Store and Play Store, the GPT Store will also suggest new chatbots every week based on popularity and total downloads. In conjunction with the opening, AllTrails, Consensus, Code Tutor, Canva, Books and CK-12 Flexi are offered for free. To access the GPT Store, one must subscribe to ChatGPT Plus, Team or Enterprise.

Each developer who lists their chatbot will also receive payment based on the amount of usage. OpenAI still does not disclose the payment rate and at the same time encourages people to develop their own GPT chatbot because it is said that it does not even require programming knowledge.

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