ChatGPT May Be Set as Android Device's Primary Virtual Assistant


The usage pattern of virtual assistants in smartphones has changed since the introduction of AI services. Because of that, Google will offer Google Assistant with Bard and Classic Assistant without Bard. Apple, on the other hand, will develop generative AI to make Siri more powerful in iOS 18. Microsoft, on the other hand, has come with the Copilot application for Android and iOS.

Most recently, Mishaal Rahman found the development code inside the ChatGPT app for Android confirming that OpenAI will eventually allow its use as the default virtual assistant. This gives users the choice of whether to use Assistant, Alexa or ChatGPT.

With ChatGPT since November of 2023 being updated with voice support, it is ready to be a virtual assistant for Android devices. It's just that this feature will be limited to information searches only, including summarizing files such as documents in the device and cannot use ChatGPT to control Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

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