Clicks Provides BlackBerry Keyboard on iPhone

 Throughout my life of being fond of gadgets and various technologies, I have never once used a BlackBerry phone. The last time we tested such a device was in 2018 with the BlackBerry Key2 and the last time such a phone was launched was in 2020 with the F(x)tec Pro1-X. Most recently, Clicks was launched as a protective case and physical QWERTY keyboard for the iPhone.

The use of a touch screen in front changes the way users use their respective smartphones. Clicks does not have any battery because it uses iPhone as a power source. Just install this framework on the iPhone and it's ready to go. Clicks claims to deliver a satisfying typing experience on physical keys.

Not only that, Clicks is also equipped with a light to enable typing in the dark. Since this keyboard-cum-protective frame is specially developed for the iPhone, keyboard shortcuts are also supported through a MacBook-like key layout including the command key.

Clicks was developed by Michael Fisher, content creator and host of Mr. Mobile. It is sold at a price of $139 (~RM646) with a choice of BumbleBee or London Sky colors. For now it is limited to iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Fisher noted that if Clicks is successful, models for other devices including Android will one day be offered.

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