EU Require All Electronic Device And Electric Vehicle Batteries To Be Replaceable Starting 2027


Previously we reported that the European Union (EU) wants to enforce a law that requires all batteries in electronic devices to be replaceable by the owner. Many thought it would only involve smartphones, tablets, and laptops. However, the latest EU document shows that it will also involve electric vehicles (EVs) and batteries used in industry by February 18, 2027.

Owners should be given the option by the manufacturer to replace the battery themselves or seek the services of a trained business to change the battery. Old batteries then need to be collected, stored and fully recycled to ensure a sustainable use chain.

In addition the EU will require the carbon footprint of each battery used to be stated. The target of the minimum amount of recycled materials used must also be adhered to. For example 63% of batteries produced need to be recycled by 2027. Meanwhile 80% of lithium in used batteries needs to be recyclable by 2030.

Although this bill only involves devices and vehicles marketed in the EU, the impact will be felt on all the people of the world. The best example is the EU requiring electronic devices to use USB-C by December 2024 causing Apple to offer iPhones with USB-C last year in place of the Lightning port.

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