Google Is Ready To Manufacture Tensor With TSMC


Last year, Google was reported to be making major changes to the Tensor G5 chip that will likely power the Pixel X or Pixel 10. The chip is said to be entirely designed by Google and manufactured by TSMC using a 3nm process, not Samsung as it is now.

Recently, Economic Daily reported that Google has started sending processing chips to KYEC – a chip testing laboratory. KYEC is based in Taiwan and is the representative for any eligible chip manufactured in the country. Google is expected to begin testing in the middle of this year, signaling they are ready for a new generation of chips manufactured by TSMC.

However, Google will still work with Samsung for the Tensor G4 on the Pixel 9 using 4nm technology because Google missed the manufacturing trial phase in 2023. We may only receive clearer information in 2025, let's wait and see.

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