Huawei FreeClip Can Be Purchased In Malaysia - Price RM899


Huawei FreeClip earphones have been officially sold in Malaysia and those of you who are interested in getting them can do so starting today. Sold at RM899, it is available through authorized Huawei distributors throughout Malaysia.

Huawei FreeClip is made with a unique design like a pair of earrings. It has two parts covering Comfort Bean and Acoustic Ball which are joined using C-bridge Design.

How to use is also easy by just placing Comfort Bean on the back of the ear. Followed by the Acoustic Ball which is inserted into the ear for audio listening. Touch controls are provided on the surface and can be used comfortably without problems.

Huawei FreeClip can also be used for up to 36 hours, in addition to being waterproof IP54 suitable for exercise. Two color options are available which include Black and Purple.

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