Intel Launches the Intel Core i7-14790F Black Edition Processor Specially For the Chinese Market


Intel just launched their Raptor Lake Refresh F series of processor chips at the CES event last week, and now, another processor chip has been launched specifically for the Chinese market, the Intel Core i7-14790F.

This processing chip is seen to come with slightly different specifications from the Intel Core i7-14700F processing chip that was launched last week. Where the processing chip comes with a total of 20 cores consisting of eight performance cores (P-cores) and 12 efficient cores (E-cores) with 28 power threads, the Intel Core i7-14790F comes with eight performance cores, eight efficient cores and 24 power threads.

Both of these processing chips also have the same Turbo Boost speed at 5.4GHz, and a base speed of 2.1GHz for P-cores and 4.2GHz for E-cores. What is interesting is that although this chip specifically for the Chinese market has a slightly larger amount of Intel Smart Cache (36MB compared to 33MB on the previous chip), which is seen as a bit useful especially for gaming purposes.

This processing chip has already started on the Chinese online store at a price of 2909 yuan. So far it is not known whether it will be sold in other markets or not.

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