Lenovo ThinkBook 13x Gen 4 SPE Showcased – Color-Switchable E-Ink Panel Concept


CES 2024 continues and Lenovo has recently announced some interesting new laptops. ThinkBook Plus Gen 5 Hybrid, ThinkBook 13x Gen 4, ThinkBook 14 i Gen 6, ThinkBook 14 i Gen 6 and more. What caught our attention was the ThinkBook 13x Gen 4 SPE (Smart Personalization Experience).

Thinkbook 13x Gen 4 SPE is a concept laptop with an E-Ink Prism panel. This panel is a colored type that allows users to change the pattern so that each personal laptop has its own identity. This E-Ink panel uses low energy so as not to consume the power of the laptop, even if the laptop is turned off this panel remains alive displaying more than a thousand different pattern options.

At this CES 2024 event, Lenovo also showed a concept where this E-Ink Prism panel can also interact with users. The first is to be a dynamic clock that moves in real time. Then there is multi system interaction.

Lenovo has not announced whether this laptop will be a reality product for the public to buy or not. It's quite interesting to see that laptops are also still trying to innovate. This new generation Thinkbook has the potential to compete with ASUS which has also been offering laptops with additional screens for a long time.

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