Microsoft Adds “Copilot” Key to Windows Computer Keyboards


Microsoft already offers a Windows key on the keyboard, which allows quick access to the Start menu. However, moving forward, with Microsoft's focus on artificial intelligence, Microsoft has now announced a new key, the "Copilot" key.

Through it, when you press the "Copilot" key, it will provide quick access to Copilot support on a Windows 11 computer. It will also make it easier for users to use generative artificial intelligence in asking questions, getting info, generating pictures, and so on. According to the initial image, the Copilot key will be positioned next to the Alt key on the right side of the keyboard.

Microsoft says the addition of these keys has changed the design of computer keyboards over the past three decades. The Windows key is expected to remain on the computer, and the Copilot key will be added.

Microsoft stated that various new products at CES 2024 will integrate these Copilot keys, and various manufacturers of Windows 11 computers starting in February will integrate Copilot keys into their keyboard offerings.

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