Microsoft Is Developing More Cost-Effective Artificial Intelligence Solutions

 Today, one of the burdensome things in the development and offering of artificial intelligence features is the cost for it, including processing costs and others. Now, in an effort to overcome this, Microsoft is reportedly investing in the development of more economical artificial intelligence solutions.

According to The Information, Microsoft has formed a new team internally with a focus on developing artificial intelligence that requires less computing than the existing one. This will simultaneously allow it to operate at lower CPU and GPU usage than today.

If all goes well, then Microsoft may integrate this offering on their Azure cloud computing, allowing more people to develop their own artificial intelligence at a lower cost.

Today, Microsoft relies on the model developed by OpenAI, and the cost for it can be said to be quite high. The recently launched CoPilot Pro feature by Microsoft is available at a price of $20 per month – which is arguably quite high in some countries.

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