Microsoft Overtakes Apple For A Moment As The Most Valuable Company In The World


Today, Microsoft managed to temporarily snatch the throne of the world's most valuable company from Apple. At this point, both companies are valued at over $2.8 trillion at current stock prices.

For information, previously, the value of the Apple company had also increased beyond $3 trillion for a while before easing back to a value beyond $2 trillion. Apple already leads the high-priced smartphone market, in addition to having a high number of MacBook, iPad, and Apple Watch users through the formation of their ecosystem.

As for Microsoft, they already have a Windows offering, and are now also investing heavily and leading in the artificial intelligence arena. In fact, starting this year 2024, Microsoft has also announced the Copilot key that will be present on various new computers starting this year 2024.

Previously, Microsoft's company value also exceeded Apple's value in 2021.

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