Microsoft Sets 16GB As The Minimum Amount Of Memory To Use Built-in CoPilot Functionality

 Microsoft's CoPilot artificial intelligence service is introduced across most, if not all, of Microsoft's software offerings from the Windows 11 operating system to Microsoft Teams and even Microsoft Office to help users make their productivity experience more efficient.

This year, AMD and Intel are seen to introduce artificial intelligence (NPU) chip components built into laptops to make these intelligence services even better than before. With the use of this built-in NPU chip, users can take advantage of the available computing power and no longer have to wait for input from the server machine.

Even so, Microsoft has recently issued a statement that to use and take advantage of the built-in CoPilot function, apart from AMD and Intel processing chips with built-in NPU chips, laptops also need at least 16GB of memory.

This 16GB memory requirement is not only for processing the built-in artificial intelligence system, but also for online artificial intelligence services. The TrendForce report does not say why this amount of memory is set, but as you know, artificial intelligence technology requires a lot of fast memory.

It is expected that more and more laptops sold this year will come with a memory offering of at least 16GB DDR4/DDR5 to accommodate the use of this artificial intelligence technology, and may cause the memory to stabilize at a higher price tag.

In the meantime, Microsoft has recently introduced a CoPilot Pro subscription with access to the latest GPT-4 artificial intelligence model and features a dedicated button for CoPilot on the laptop keyboard.

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