Microsoft Will Add AI Writing Support to Notepad

 Notepad is one of the popular applications or software included on Windows computers. Through it, users can record simple notes and save them without having to open "heavy" software such as Word, or consume a large storage space for file storage.

Most recently, through the latest development version for Notepad, it is seen that Microsoft is testing the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) support along with it. Among the features shown on the menu of the development version is support such as "Cowriter", "Rewrite" as well as allowing users to change the tone of the writing, making the writing longer or shorter.

For now, it is not yet known when this integration feature will be introduced to everyone. For information, Microsoft is ready to integrate a number of artificial intelligence features on the Windows operating system, where in addition to Copilot support, they have also introduced drawing features using AI on Paint.

We look forward to hearing more about the development of this arena in the coming months.

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