New Microsoft Surface Launches Early 2024 With Emphasis on AI Features


The Microsoft Surface series has been a bit of a letdown over the past three years because it hasn't been offered with innovations that could attract buyers. But according to a Windows Central report, in early 2024 two Surface Laptop and Surface models will be launched with an emphasis on more comprehensively integrated AI features.

Both laptops will be offered with Intel Core Ultra and Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite chips that both come with built-in AI cores. This allows Windows 11 computers to come with built-in AI that then processes directly on the device without having to be connected to the internet. This feature is already being offered on the Pixel 8 Pro and some Chinese Android device models with its introduction on PCs coming next year not limited to the Surface.

The direction of the Surface product has changed this year with a reduced number of products. Panos Panay abruptly left Microsoft weeks before the product was launched and later joined Amazon. Maybe next year products more in line with market needs can be offered.

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