OpenAI Expected to Introduce GPT Store Next Week

 OpenAI last year announced the ability for people to generate their own GPTs using their technology, and at the same time offer the results to other users.

In parallel, in order to facilitate the discovery of other people's productions, a feature was announced, which is a store dedicated to GPT, or named GPT Store. The GPT Store was supposed to launch in 2023, but it was delayed due to the OpenAI management change drama.

Now, after everything is stable again, OpenAI is reportedly likely to introduce the GPT Store to the public as early as next week. This will simultaneously open a new economic space in the world of technology, as well as encourage more people to produce their own GPTs with a variety of better specialized tasks.

As usual, let's all look forward to the introduction of GPT Store, and how it will shape the world of artificial intelligence in 2024.

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