Sam Altman Will Meet Samsung Foundry And SK Hynix To Discuss Artificial Intelligence Chip Production

 Last week, it was reported that OpenAI will work with TSMC to develop processing chips for the purpose of machine learning, artificial intelligence and so on. Recently, Reuters reported that Sam Altman, CEO and founder of OpenAI will go to South Korea to meet with Samsung Foundry and also SK Hynix.

OpenAI seems to want to enter a new arena, where they develop components for their own artificial intelligence system equipment and server machines. This matter has been reported since the fourth quarter of 2023, where until now OpenAI is still using server machines developed by Microsoft using artificial intelligence components developed by NVIDIA.

This is not surprising especially since NVIDIA graphics card is already crowned as the best artificial intelligence driving component on the market right now with the NVIDIA H100 graphics card, and the company is expected to introduce newer offerings soon.

The details of this meeting are not known yet, but it is expected that the meeting with Samsung Foundry is to further expand their artificial intelligence chip production site, while the meeting with SK Hynix is to develop HBM memory which is commonly used in the server machine sector on a large scale.

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