Samsung Takes a Look at the Ballie Robot That Can Be a Housekeeper

 A few days ago LG showed a smart robot that can be a housekeeper by taking care of pets and controlling various internet of things devices. Today Samsung also showed off Ballie, also a round-shaped domestic helper robot.

It is the second version of the Ballie that was previously shown at CES 2020. The Ballie 2.0 is bigger with more and more additional capabilities that the original model did not have. It is equipped with a projector in front that can display videos to watch, be a screen to do exercises, entertain pets and even display patterns on the ceiling of the room while sleeping.

When monitoring the home space, it can send photos and videos to the owner. Instructions can be given for it to control home electronic devices such as lights, air conditioners or air filters. It can also be seen that Ballie is used for teleconference sessions and greets the owner's return at the door.

Like the original Ballie, Samsung hasn't said whether it will be offered as an actual product or just a tech demo for the smart home of the future.

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