SmartThings Find Application Now Replaced With Samsung Find

 Samsung SmartThing Find is an object tracking feature built into the SmartThings app. With this feature users can search for devices or accessories registered with a Samsung account just like Google Find Device or Apple Find My.

Latest in One UI 6.1 on Samsung Galaxy S24 series devices, the SmartThing Find feature has been removed from the SmartThings app. Samsung is now making this object tracking feature a separate app named Samsung Find. This application has some similarities with the Apple Find My application, for example users can also search for family members' devices and in the future the notification feature of abandoned devices will also be given.

With Samsung Find, it is also easier for users to interact with Samsung SmartTag2 or SmartTag object trackers if they do not have any SmartThings internet of things products. The use of the application is also simpler and less dizzying than before. Samsung Find is limited to One UI 6.1 devices only for now and it is not known if One UI 6.0 devices will also receive the same update.

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