Sony A9 III First Look – First Camera With Global Shutter


Sony has launched another latest camera, the Sony A9 III, which is a full-frame mirrorless camera that has the world's first built-in global shutter. The writer had the opportunity to feel the experience of using it to see for himself what is interesting about this camera. The ability and sophistication of this Sony A9 III at first glance is already able to give a good impression even without long-term use experience and this is one of the advanced camera models on the market today.


Sony A9 III

Types of Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras

Full-frame global shutter sensor


ISO 250-25600, 125-51200

4K 120 FPS recording, 4K 120 FPS

Weight 702g

OLED screen

Price RM29,999


The Sony A9 III camera is a camera specially designed for professional use, so its design construction also looks sophisticated. Looking at the design of the camera body, the build quality looks solid and premium and durable. Even so, if you look at the size, this Sony A9 III has a body that is neither too big nor too small where I feel there is no error about it. In my opinion, the size of the camera with this DSLR design is easy to handle and able to provide comfort in the grip.

The design of the camera shutter button is also slightly different from the previous model where the position of the button is more comfortable to press. The slightly curved shape of the part makes the grip of the camera feel more precise and does not feel clumsy when you want to press the button.


The Sony A9 III camera has a newly developed 24.6 Megapixel full frame CMOS image sensor which is the world's first global shutter. This camera feature is also equipped with a 5-axis IBIS stabilization system. Complementing the sophistication of this camera is that the Sony A9 III also comes with a Bionz XR image processor chip which is 8 times more powerful than the processor owned by the previous edition of the camera, the Sony A9 II.

What's more exciting, with the built-in global shutter feature, this camera can capture images in full autofocus with AE tracking up to 120fps without showing any effect of shutter movement (rolling shutter). Camera speed like this I have never experienced before and the built-in global shutter speed of this camera is very impressive with a maximum shutter speed of 1/80000 in single drive mode and 1/16000 if shooting continuously along with the AI-powered autofocus system.

The built-in global shutter on this camera also allows the capture of images to be made without any flicker. Therefore, there will not be any curved elements in the result of the photo taken even if the object is moving at a fast speed. Not only that, the Sony A9 III is also free from shutter noise. When the picture is taken, no shutter sound is heard. What I can say, based on the global shutter power built into the Sony A9 III, the guarantee of unlimited creative freedom as desired will certainly be enjoyed.

Although I only had the chance to use it for 2 hours, but I managed to capture some pictures as if like a professional for sports photography. In other words, even if you are not an expert in sports photography, by using the Sony A9 III the results of the photos seem to be taken by professionals.

During this 2-hour period of use, I only evaluated the camera a lot from the point of view of taking pictures and used less video recording mode. But the ability to record video by the Sony A9 III is also definitely not a problem. It comes with 4K 120 FPS unedited and when edited from 6K footage can go up to 4K 60 FPS.


In conclusion, the Sony A9 III camera is a sophisticated camera that is certainly capable of providing a stunning user experience and photo results. Although the price offered (RM 29,2999) is more expensive than the average mirrorless camera on the market, the capabilities and sophistication of this camera are worth it and promise satisfaction in high-speed photography. What I hope, with the technological sophistication that has been embedded in the Sony A9 III camera, may be applied to the Sony A7 camera edition in the future with a more affordable price offer.


Has the world's first frame global shutter

BIONZ XR image processor chip that is 8 times better than the previous release.

flicker free


Quite heavy for a long period of use.

The price is quite expensive.

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