Sony Honda Mobility Afeela's New Prototype Shown


Last year Sony Honda Mobility showed off their Afeela electric car prototype on the CES stage. Not much information is known about it except that it is an extension of the Sony Vision-S concept vehicle that was shown in 2020. Once at CES Sony Honda Mobility showed the Afeela prototype which is now believed to be closer to the vehicle that will be on the market in 2026.

Changes are made to the exterior with now two physical side mirrors replacing the two small stalks with cameras used previously. The headlights and front grille are also larger as possible to meet the needs of brighter lights used on actual production vehicles.

In the interior, not many changes have been made but there are two wireless chargers and the announcement of a visualization system of surrounding objects on the dashboard using Unreal Engine 5.3 technology. In addition there is a camera inside the cockpit that was not visible before.

Sony also revealed that the Afeela will be equipped with two motors – one at the front and one at the back – with each producing 241 horsepower. The battery is a Li-ion type with a capacity of 91 kWh that supports DC 150kW and AC 11 kW charging. Travel distance has yet to be revealed and will only be known when the Afeela goes on sale in two years' time.

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