Zoom On Vision Pro Supports Avatar And 3D Object Sharing

 Zoom announced a special app for Apple Vision Pro. On this version of the spatial computing device users can replace themselves with Personas which are 3D avatars that look like themselves as replacements in teleconference sessions. Because they wear headsets, 3D avatars are the most suitable self-replacements.

Also announced is 3D object sharing support in Zoom. The Zoom 3D Sharing feature allows three-dimensional models to be shared in teleconference sessions by video game developers, media practitioners and designers. This model can then be manipulated in groups by teleconference participants.

The Zoom app for Vision Pro also supports spatial audio so users can hear where the sound is coming from. Another support specific to Vision Pro is that up to five Zoom teleconference participants can be "pinned" in the virtual space independently by the user. Zoom for Vision Pro can be downloaded starting next February 2.

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