Amelia Earhart's plane that was lost for almost 90 years is claimed to have been found


The mystery of the 1937 disappearance of famous traveler Amelia Earhart may be unraveled after a sonar image of what is claimed to be her plane was allegedly found on the Pacific ocean floor. Earhart disappeared on June 1, 1937 along with pilot Fred Noonan while on a mission around the world using the Lockheed Electra plane.

Tony Romeo a former United States Air Force officer claims to have found the location of Earhart's wreckage using sonar. The sonar image shared is a bit blurry but looks like a Lockheed Elektra with two engines and twin tails. Romeo said he will try to take a clearer scan at the location which is still a secret at this point.

Earhart's disappearance is one of the greatest enigmas in aviation history. Among the theories about his disappearance is that the plane crashed after getting lost and he was arrested by Japanese soldiers for allegedly being a spy. Several missions looking for him since 87 years ago found aluminum fragments claimed to be part of the plane wreckage and bones claimed to belong to him but later disappeared.

If it is true that Earhart has been found after almost 90 years, it gives hope that the mystery of MH370 can also be solved. After almost 10 years, what happened to MH370 is still unanswered even after the location where it crashed was scanned using sonar.

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