Android 15 Can Reduce Disruption When Notifications Come Streaming

Google has already started testing Android 15 weeks ago. Most of the features and functions in this trial version will usually not materialize. But there is one notification feature in the Android 15 Developer Preview that makes me really hope it will be given in the stable version soon.

Android 15 Developer Preview can reduce interruptions when notifications are received continuously through Notification Cooldown. Users are given three options, namely (a) Apply cooldown to all notifications (b) Apply cooldown to conversations or (c) Don't use notification cooldown.

Through this cir, the ringtone or notification sound for each application will be reduced in strength. In other words, when incoming messages ring loudly from within the WhatsApp group, it will no longer ring loudly for a long period of time. The operating system realizes what's going on and proactively reduces the sound of notifications before they become annoying.

Now what I want is a notification summary system like iOS. This new feature will definitely relieve me from the dump of messages I receive every day. Hopefully, it will be a mandatory feature included in Android 15 by all device manufacturers.

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