Apple Devices, Apple TV, Apple Music Apps Can Now Be Downloaded By All Windows Users

 Last year Apple started testing Windows apps for Apple TV, Apple Music and their iTunes successor Apple Devices. These three applications are limited to be tested by users in selected countries only. Now after more than a year, these three applications are ready to be downloaded by all Windows users.

If you've noticed, the iTunes app on Windows no longer supports device management as it's now limited to audiobooks and podcasts. The Apple Devices app is a new iteration dedicated to performing backups, file transfers, software updates and more.

If so far Apple TV and Apple Music on Windows have been limited to web browsers only, don't worry because these two new applications will make the user experience more interesting. Apple TV supports streaming content at the highest resolution, while Apple Music is able to play music in a more user-friendly interface than apps on the iPhone.

If you want to manage your Apple device with Windows, stream videos and music on Apple TV and Apple Music – download these three applications via the links below;

DOWNLOAD Download Apple Devices

DOWNLOAD Download Apple TV

DOWNLOAD Download Apple Music

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