Apple To Be Fined $500 Million By EU For Anti-Competitive Practices


A few years ago Spotify filed a complaint with the European Union (EU) alleging that Apple engaged in anti-competitive practices in promoting Apple Music. Users of the Apple ecosystem are not given the information that there are cheaper subscriptions than Apple Music. Now according to a Financial Times report, the EU will impose a $500 million fine on Apple for their anti-competitive practices.

Apple does not allow developers to offer alternative payments outside the Apple Store in the EU until 2021. In that year "reading" apps that offer digital services of magazines, newspapers, books, audio, music and video only are given permission. At this point no official announcement has been made by the EU. Apple and Spotify have not yet commented on the fines imposed.

Through this year's DMA act, the EU alone will receive third-party store support as well as an alternative App Store on Apple devices. Despite finally complying with the EU directive, Apple will still charge a fee for every app installation outside of the App Store because of the cost of ensuring that apps on this store are safe to use.

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