Elon Musk: The First Man Who Installed Neuralink Implants, Now Can Control A Mouse Through Just Thoughts

Neuralink is one of the companies under Elon Musk, which focuses on the development of computer-to-brain interfaces, through chip implantation. Previously, it was shared that the Neuralink brain implant had been installed in the first human, and now the development is shared.

Through the X Spaces session on the social platform owned by Elon Musk, he shared that the user has now successfully controlled the mouse and moved it on the screen by just thinking.

For now, it can be said that it is still in the early stages, and needs to go through various testing phases before knowing some things and developments with it. Neuralink through their offering aims to help those who are paralyzed and face the loss of some ability to be able to control a number of things through the mind.

Neuralink has not yet shared more about Elon Musk's latest comments.

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